Flight of the Conchords release new ‘Live in London’ single, ‘Father and Son’ – listen

The comedy duo toured the UK earlier this year

Flight of the Conchords have released the single ‘Father and Son’, lifted from their Live in London HBO special. Check it out below.

The New Zealand comedy duo – aka Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement – performed the ballad-with-a-twist on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in September. Ahead of the TV appearance, UK audiences saw the track being performed during the pair’s UK tour over the summer.

Flight of the Concords


The Hammersmith Apollo date in July was recorded for the HBO special, Flight of the Conchords: Live in London. Following the release of the hour-long special in October, the group have now made the ‘Father and Son’ recording available to fans via streaming platforms.

During the piano-led song, Clement takes on the role of a dad consoling his child. “Son, I know it’s hard to see your daddy cry / It’s been tough on us both since your mamma died,” he sings. McKenzie replies: “You know very well Dad mamma didn’t die / She just hooked up with another guy / That’s where you pick me up on Fridays nights.”

Back in June, Clement and McKenzie spoke about the possibility of a third season. “It’s not like we were tired of each other’s company,” McKenzie said. Clement added: “We were tired of working together.”

The original show premiered in 2007, with the second season arriving in 2009. Later that year, the duo announced that it would not return for a third instalment.