Flight Of The Conchords planned to set TV series in London

Ploy was ditched because duo didn't find the English 'assertive' enough

Flight Of The Conchords have revealed that they were originally planning to set their TV series in England, but changed their mind after they found UK producers too dawdling compared their American counterparts.

Speaking at the HBO launch of the New Zealand duo’s second TV series, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement said that the show is set in New York because US broadcasters forced the English out of the running, reports BBC 6music.

“The thing is, the English tend to go ‘We think it would be absolutely great if you would come and do a show with us – we think it would be fantastic’,” explained Clement.

He added: “Whereas Americans go, ‘We’ve booked a flight. Come over and you’ll write an episode’. They’re just more assertive, and that’s why we ended up there!”

Originally the show was set in London when it was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in 2004.

The new series of Flight Of The Conchords premiered on HBO in the US on January 18. The first episode is available to watch online now.

UK broadcast dates are yet to be confirmed, but the show is expected to be broadcast on British TV in the spring.