Flight Of The Conchords: ‘We’re not mocking Paris Concorde tragedy’

Duo deny they are making a joke out of 'terrible' plane crash in 2000

Flight Of The Conchords have revealed that they are worried people think their name is based on the Paris Concorde plane accident, which killed 113 people in 2000.

Speaking to Time Out: New York, the comedy duo said they had been forced to “soldier on” with the name after the accident.

The New Zealand duo’s Bret McKenzie said: “We had the name before the terrible Concorde crash. But we were worried that people would think it was a joke based on the tragedy. Which it had nothing to do with.”

Jemaine Clement agreed, saying “some people did think that”, while McKenzie joked that the duo “just didn’t play in Paris” after the accident.

With the ageing Concord fleet now out of service, McKenzie added that he was sad the duo will never get the opportunity to go on one of the planes.

“It’s a shame,” he mused. “I always wanted to do a photo shoot with us in the Concorde. We’ll have to do that on Photoshop now.”

The new series of the Flight Of The Conchords show premieres on HBO in the US on January 18, although the first episode has leaked online and can be viewed now.