Flight Of The Conchords cause Beatles-like frenzy in LA

New Zealand comedy duo delight a packed house

Flight Of The Conchords caused a Beatles-like frenzy in Los Angeles yesterday (April 24), where they performed for a packed house at Amoeba Records.

Hundreds of screaming fans had to be turned away because the New Zealand musical comedy duo brought out a massive crowd that reportedly rivalled that of former Beatle Paul McCartney, who performed at the same venue last year.

The pair played a handful of tracks from their new self-titled album, which was released in the US earlier this week and has already won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

Technical problems with Bret‘s DG20 digital guitar delayed the start of their set, but they kept the crowd entertained with humourous banter before launching into the acoustic song ‘Beautiful Girl’.

Several fans held up hand-made signs, including one woman whose sign read, “Bret, will you go to the prom with me?” “That’s pretty cheeky, you must be pretty young,” Bret responded when he saw the sign. “I’m 26,” the girl jokingly answered. “So you’re not so smart?” Bret quipped right back.

During their rendition of ‘Inner City Pressure’, Jemaine inserted names of several nearby cities including Hollywood and Studio City, and the crowd cheered in response.

The audience sang along to crowd-pleasers ‘Albi The Racist Dragon’ and ‘Bowie’, after which Bret and Jemaine pretended to float off into space as they left the stage.

The enthusiastic fans cheered loudly until the duo returned for an encore wearing cardboard robot heads to perform one final song, ‘Robots Boom’.

Flight Of The Conchords played:

‘The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)’

‘Inner City Pressure’


‘Albi The Racist Dragon’

‘The Prince Of Parties’


‘Robots Boom’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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