Flight Of The Conchords ‘planning on touring’ this year according to Jemaine Clement

Clement said comedy duo could perform new material at shows

Comedy band Flight of the Conchords are likely to tour in late 2015, actor Jemaine Clement has revealed.

Clement, who is currently promoting Jim Strouse’s indie drama People, Places, Things at Sundance, added that there was a possibility the comedy duo would perform new material at the shows.

In an interview with Billboard, he said: “[We’re] planning on touring later on in the year in the States. It isn’t very solid yet, but we’ve been talking about it.”


Clement continued: “I really don’t like the studio part of music. I more enjoy playing live and letting others take care of the recording.”

The second season of Flight Of The Conchords was aired on HBO in 2009. Though the band toured in 2013, details of a third season have yet to emerge.

Clement stars in People, Places, Things as “a newly single, under-employed graphic novelist navigating life, his young twin daughters, a case of writer’s block, a classroom full of students, and a new love while letting go of the woman who left him”.

Speaking about his character Will, Clement said: “The Conchords’ Jemaine is very unaware of his feelings, and Will is keenly aware of his. At first, Jim [Strouse] talked about me using an American accent, and we tried it out and eventually decided it wasn’t important. He wanted the character to be an outsider anyway, so the accent might help that. Then having not performed that much [on film], I had to think about, ‘How do I actually talk that’s different from Flight Of The Conchords?’ Right before filming, I thought, ‘How do I actually do it?'”



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