Flight Of The Concords announce new ‘Live In London’ album with release of outrageous single, ‘Iain and Deanna’

It follows last year's HBO TV special

Flight of the Conchords have announced a new live album, ‘Live In London’, and unveiled a performance of a new song called ‘Iain and Deanna’. Stream the track and check out the LP’s tracklist below.

The Kiwi comedy duo – aka Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement – played a show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo last year. HBO later released the performance as a one-hour TV special, Flight of the Conchords: Live in London.

Following its success, an album of the gig will be released on March 8 via the Sub Pop label. The 22-track LP features seven new songs, including the previously-released single, ‘Father and Son‘. A bonus track titled ‘The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)’ closes the album and wasn’t included in the TV special.


Can’t fight this fire / Can’t fight this feeling / Let’s take it higher /I’m gonna spunk on the ceiling,” the duo sing during the chorus of ‘Iain and Deanna’.
You can touch my boobies, like they do in rude movies / As when we’re finished we’ll have to replace all the duvets.”

McKenzie and Clement have previously released music in the form of 2007’s Grammy-winning EP, ‘The Distant Future’ – which was followed by a self-titled debut album in 2008 and ‘I Told You I Was Freaky’ in 2009. The past audio projects were also released by Sub Pop Records.

‘Live In London’ will be available on vinyl, CD, and download – find more info and pre-order here.

Flight of the Conchords third season 2018

The ‘Live In London’ tracklist is as follows:


1. Father and Son
2. Band Reunion
3. Iain and Deanna
4. Inner City Pressure
5. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
6. Summer of 1353
7. Complimentary Muffin
8. Stana
9. Stuck in a Lift
10. Foux du Fafa
11. Seagull
12. Mutha’uckas – Hurt Feelings
13. One More Anecdote
14. Back on the Road
16. Bowie
17. Bus Driver
18. Tuning
19. Robots
20. Shady Rachel
21. Carol Brown
22. The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)

Last year, Flight of the Concords discussed the possibility of a third season. “It’s not like we were tired of each other’s company,” McKenzie said. Clement added: “We were tired of working together.”

The original show premiered in 2007, with the second season arriving in 2009. Later that year, the duo announced that it would not return for a third run.