Florence Welch: ”Ceremonials’ is enormous’

Singer also labels her debut album as 'all over the place'

Florence And The Machine‘s Florence Welch has said that she was initially worried about the sheer scale of the sounds on her new album ‘Ceremonials’.

The singer, whose band released their second album yesterday (October 31), has said she felt a little apprehensive about just how massive producer Paul Epworth had made her new songs sound.

She told MTV News of her new album’s songs: “They’re all pretty big. They all came out quite big. I was slightly worried, because I was like, ‘All the sounds are enormous on this record.'”

Welch also said that she now feels her debut album ‘Lungs’ was “all over the place” as it was recorded across a long period of time and in many locations. She added that she wanted to make sure ‘Ceremonials’ was recorded in one place and with a more cohesive feel to it.

She added:

The first album, for better or for worse, was done over from the ages of 17-22, with a couple of different producers. Some of it was recorded in an old swimming pool, some of it was recorded in a synagogue — it kind of was all over the place. And that made it the record it is, but for this one, I was very clear in the idea that I had of wanting to make something that sounded like a whole; so it had to be one producer, one place, one period of time to make it a body of work.

The singer has also recently said her new album is more joyous than her debut ‘Lungs’ and she revealed how she drank herself into oblivion.

You can watch a new video interview with Florence Welch discussing ‘Ceremonials’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.

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