Florence And The Machine: ”Shake It Out’ is written about a hangover’ – video

Singer also reveals what she thinks of Beyonce

Florence And The Machine has revealed that her new single ‘Shake It Out’ was written about being hung over.

Speaking in the video interview which can be seen above, the singer said that the track became ‘the ultimate hangover cure.’

Explaining the creation of the song, she said: “It was a really magic one. I feel weird because I’m always talking about how I’m writing songs when I’m hung over most of the songs weren’t but ‘Shake It Out’ was.


“Like ‘Cosmic Love’ (it was) written when you’re not feeling too great. It became the ultimate hangover cure, and then it became about something bigger. Like trying to get rid of ‘hangover ghouls’.”

Welch recalled how she reacted when Beyonce cited the singer as an influence on her album ‘4’.

She said:

My dad phoned me to tell me Beyonce had said she’d been influenced by me. So I was intently listening to that album to see where she was influenced (by me). My favourite song on that album is ‘Countdown’.

She added: “She’s sweet, the most gracious and a really beautiful person.”

Florence And The Machine are on the cover of the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands now or available digitally.


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