Florence And The Machine: “I love demons and exorcism”

Singer reveals how she wanted band to dress up during album sessions

Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine has spoken out about her fascination with exorcism and demons while working on her second studio album.

The singer also told The Daily Star that she would love to see everyone in the studio dress up in shaman’s robes while recording.

The singer explained: “Everyone – the whole band – gets dressed for work, puts on their big robe, and comes down to the studio. I love seances, witchcraft, heaven and hell, voodoo, gospel, possession, demons, exorcism and all that stuff. I’m not a religious person. Sex, violence, love, death, are the topics that I’m constantly wrestling with, it’s all connected back to religion.”


The ‘Lungs’ star also revealed that she will be working with first album collaborator Isabelle ‘Machine’ Summers on her follow-up LP.

“I think it’s important to work with people who know my process. I find I get a bit nuts if I do it all by myself, I need somebody to bounce off. I’m going to do the writing then we’ll record it as a band,” said Welch.

She added: “You’re constantly looking for a resolution but that never comes. That’s why you keep making music. You’re looking for an answer but you never get it so you keep making it up.”

Paul Epworth, who is producing the new Florence And The Machines album, told BBC6 Music that the record will be “less indie” than their huge-selling 2009 debut.