Producer says there are ‘no weak’ tracks on Florence And The Machine’s second album

The follow up to 'Lungs' has finally been completed

Paul Epworth has taken to Twitter to give fans an update on the follow up to Florence And The Machine’s 2009 debut ‘Lungs’.

The producer revealed that the songs for the album have all been finished and were currently with the record label, who are picking and choosing which ones they want to include on the album. Epworth explained that they might have a hard time of it, as there are “no weak” tracks. He said:

Had a week of wonderful mixes coming in for Florence 2. I love handing something over to hear it come back better. I feel for the a&r dept having to try and whittle these tracks down to 10 or 12 because there really are no weak ones.

He added:

It’s a weird record that sounds live in ways and like a machine in others, with sensitivity and power from both the music and Flo‘s voice.

In June Epworth spoke to BBC 6Music about the album, which he was working on with Florence Welch in London‘s Abbey Road Studios.

He said of the way the new album sounds: “It’s going to be more stripped down, but it’s heavy, rhythmically. It’s a much heavier record than the first album.”

Epworth added that he believed Welch was moving away from her indie roots into different territories. He said: “It’s a lot less indie and lot more soulful.”