Florence Welch: ‘Bono taught me how to dance in high heels’

Singer also speaks about the 'hard work' of recording new LP 'Ceremonials'

Florence And The Machine‘s Florence Welch has revealed that U2 frontman Bono taught her the art of dancing in high heels.

Florence And The Machine supported U2 on several live dates during their record grossing 360° world tour and Welch told RTE.ie that the frontman also opened up to her about the band’s troubled performance at this summer’s Glastonbury.

Asked about touring with U2, Welch replied: “Bono told me how to dance in high heels and he also told me about U2‘s Glastonbury performance and how everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong, including him ripping his trousers on stage. I think he was lunging and his trousers ripped! He was telling me how he had to find a new way of performing that didn’t involve moving.”

Welch spoke about the process of creating her band’s new album ‘Ceremonials’, revealing that making the album was both “joyous” and “hard work”.

She added: “It was hard work making the album but it was quite a joyous experience as well. I think this time around I had a better idea of what I wanted to do and it was a really enjoyable experience. We did a lot of work with the band this time, a lot of rehearsing live before we went in to record it.”

The singer also said that she believed she had achieved her goal of making a second album that was “more like a story”. Asked if she felt ‘Ceremonials’ was more cohesive, she replied: “That’s what I was aiming for. I wanted to make something that had a cohesive sound, something that sounded whole, more of a story.”

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