Gang Gang Dance: ‘Florence Welch should have explained song homage earlier’

Band speak out over royalties agreement

Gang Gang Dance have said that they think Florence And The Machine should have publicly acknowledged their song ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’ was an homage to their own song ‘House Jam’ earlier than they did.

Last month Florence Welch’s band agreed to give royalties from their song to the New York band after they were approached by Gang Gang Dance about the similarities between the tracks. Welch then said ‘Rabbit…’ was an “homage” – but Gang Gang Dance singer Liz Bougatsos has said the admission could have come sooner.

“If she [Welch] would have mentioned it in the beginning, in the press, which we never saw, that would have definitely made a difference,” she told BBC 6 Music. “And if she was speaking of an homage at that point, that would have helped as well.”

Bougatsos said that now a legal agreement had been made regarding the royalties she was content.

“I’m happy now for sure,” she said. “I think I was annoyed in the beginning because other people’s reactions were affecting the way I was thinking about it – it’s not a natural way for me to come out at somebody. I hope there’s no hard feelings.”