Florence Welch: ‘I get taken over by the Chaos Robot’

Florence And The Machine singer also reveals heartbreak behind 'Lungs' album

Florence And The Machine singer Florence Welch has revealed her “self-destructive” nature.

Speaking in the new issue of NME, out tomorrow (November 25), Welch described how she gets taken over by what she calls the “Chaos Robot“, and subsequently finds it difficult to cope with her lifestyle.

“I can be so reckless and impulsive and very self-destructive. Suddenly everything just goes boom. Chaos! Aaarghh! Must destroy all good things in my life right now! The whirlwind takes over and I end up breaking things,” Welch explained.

Welch went on to reveal that her state of mind, along with a nasty breakup and what she calls a “summer of the weird”, was the primary inspiration behind debut album ‘Lungs’, released earlier this year.

“It was a really wild, intense summer,” she said. “I was in quite a weird place. I was heartbroken and angry but I also wrote a lot of songs. I was sad, angry and manic – quite a combination!”

For the full interview with Welch see the new issue of NME.