Florence And The Machine play ‘noisy’ gig in a library

Florence Welch and co get among the books in Lancaster

Florence And The Machine played to an all-ages crowd at Lancaster Library yesterday (November 2).

Performing at the Get It Loud In Libraries series of shows, the band performed a ten-song set, which included their latest single ‘Dog Days Are Over’.

Supported by electro-pop act Deluka, frontwoman Florence Welch arrived on the elaborately-decorated flower-strewn stage proudly clutching a Green Day book.


Dressed in a retro mini-dress and theatrical gold glitter make-up, a barefoot Welch paused between songs to sip tea from a china cup.

Manically leaping about the stage, the singer high-fived the crowd throughout the set, which included ‘Girl With One Eye’ and ‘Kiss With A Fist’.

“We’ve made too much noise in this library,” screamed Welch before the band’s final song. “The sound’s absorbing into the books. Thank you so much, it’s been lovely to be here. Go to more libraries, get more books, keep libraries alive.”

After the set, Welch then hung around after the show to sign autographs for fans and pose for photos.

“It’s been amazing. The whole smell of libraries is so intense and this library is so cool,” she told NME.COM after the show. “The crowd was so great, they knew all the words and stuff. They were well-read intellectuals!”

Florence And The Machine played:


‘Between Two Lungs’

‘My Boy Builds Coffins’

‘Bird Song’

‘Girl With One Eye’



‘Donkey Kosh’

‘Kiss With A Fist’

‘Cosmic Love’

‘Dog Days Are Over’