Florence Welch recalls seeing Adele perform for the first time: “Shit, this is incredible. Gimme a drink”

The two musicians often featured on the same bill during the early stages of their respective careers

Florence Welch has recalled how she felt upon seeing Adele perform for the first time, saying that she’d “never heard a voice” like Adele’s.

The musician and leader of Florence + The Machine looked back on the early days of her career during a new interview in support of her recently-released fourth studio album ‘High As Hope’.

Speaking to Radio X, Welch spoke about growing up in the London music scene alongside the likes of Kate Nash and Adele.


“There was so many bands playing at that point,” Welch said. “Even Adele you could say came from that little scene that was going on of people putting on club nights and gigs.

“There was a gig at the Lock Tavern [in Camden] where it was like Kate Nash was headlining, supported by Adele, then me and Emmy Lou Harris. That was the line-up.

“I was on first, I think, and I just was so drunk and I just yelled and fell over. And then I remember watching Adele play and I’d never head a voice like that.

“I remember being like: ‘Shit. This is incredible. Gimme a drink,'” she laughed.


Late last month, Welch revealed that she started a coven while she was still at school.