Florence Welch started a coven when she was at school

She had a book of spells and everything

Florence Welch has revealed that she started a coven when she was at school.

Welch was appearing on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to promote Florence + The Machine‘s latest album ‘High As Hope’. The band’s fourth studio album was released today (June 29).

Speaking with the late night show host, she said that she wrote a book of spells after starting the coven. “This is making me sound like such a weird kid,” she commented.


“I started a coven at school. I wrote a spell book – there was spells in there, there were like love spells, like trying to get the kid in the next class to fall in love with me. I don’t know if he did… if you’re out there?”

Watch the chat below.


Earlier this week (June 25), Florence Welch revealed what her Tinder bio says. “Deeply domestic but also high stress, with no middle ground – hugely exposed but deeply hermity,” the profile begins.

Welch added that it ends: “Too many candles burning in my house to be safe” before telling Wiseman she would “like a thousand texts that say ‘I love you,’ my phone buzzing endlessly, until I am exhausted, and empty.”


The singer also revealed that as the tenth anniversary of her debut approached, she decided to stop drinking after struggles with alcohol in her personal life.

“When I realised I could perform without the booze it was a revelation. There’s discomfort and rage, and the moment when they meet is when you break open. You’re free.”