Florence Welch opens up about regrets over her relationship with her sister

A song on the musician's new album is about her younger sibling

Florence Welch has opened up about her regrets over her relationship with her sister.

The musician, who fronts Florence + The Machine, released her latest album ‘High As Hope‘ last week (June 29). In a three-star reviewNME said: “More organic and natural, this is Florence laid bare. Free of too many bells, whistles and a contrived sense of scale, she’s free to be herself more so than ever before.”

Speaking to John Kennedy on Radio X, Welch revealed the track ‘Grace’, which features on the new record, is about her younger sister. Of the opening line “Sorry I ruined your birthday”, she said: “It’s my sister, it’s my little sister and I’ve ruined several of her birthdays.”


She continued: “I played it to her. I didn’t tell her cos we’re English and we don’t really tell each other we love each other. We make jokes. But I played it to her and she cried. And we had a really chaotic upbringing and I had a lot of problems with booze and drugs and everything that you could name.”

Welch, who is now sober, said that now she’s had the chance to look back, she realised her sister “didn’t even get the chance to be a little sister because she had to be an older sister for a lot of the time.” She added: “A big regret of mine is not being able to be there as a big sister and I really love her so much.”

Meanwhile, Welch also remembered seeing Adele perform for the first time when they shared a bill at London’s Lock Tavern. “I was on first, I think, and I just was so drunk and I just yelled and fell over,” she said. “And then I remember watching Adele play and I’d never head a voice like that. I remember being like: ‘Shit. This is incredible. Gimme a drink.'”