Flying Lotus responds to criticism over sexually explicit comments about Hillary Clinton

Incident took place at a gig in Oakland on Friday

Flying Lotus has been criticised for comments he made about Hillary Clinton during his show on Friday night (September 16).

The electronic producer was playing a gig in Oakland, California when he began to explain his dislike for Donald Trump, then proceeding to refer to Trump’s rival Clinton, saying that he “couldn’t possibly vote for a woman who doesn’t give an awesome blowjob,” a reference to Monica Lewinsky’s affair with her husband Bill Clinton.

Despite adding that he was “just kidding. I’m going to vote for her ass anyway”, Flying Lotus was widely criticised online for his comments.

Taking to Twitter in defence, the producer later wrote: “The more PC and scared everyone gets, the more I love having a microphone to say some depraved shit u need to hear.”

See both the incident and Flying Lotus’ later tweets below.

Flying Lotus recently courted controversy after speaking out about the treatment of fellow producers by rappers.

“To producers,” he wrote on Twitter. “When a rapper invites u to the studio and asks u to make beats on the spot. Tell them to pay your fee on the spot, cuz fuck that.”