Foals say they need to ‘take a break’ before next album

Band released fourth album 'What Went Down' in August 2015

Foals have suggested that the band will take a break before making a new record. Frontman Yannis Philippakis revealed the news while speaking at the NME Awards with Austin, Texas this evening (February 17).

The band released their fourth album ‘What Went Down’ in August 2015, recently acknowledging that the group won’t go on forever.

Speaking at tonight’s NME Awards with Austin, Texas, frontman Philippakis said: “We’ve only just put out a record so I think we’ve afforded to take some time [for a break]. I don’t think there’s a rush right now. We need to live life again, that’s always beneficial to making a record.”


“I think we need to take a break,” he added. “It’s hard to predict [how long that will be]. We might start writing again tomorrow.”,AAAAABumiUU~,CmZu1qzq0Nydx8DqfQUoDJv2_kpwyWWq&bctid=4760826672001

Philippakis previously said that he doesn’t expect the band to continue forever, stating that things have already carried on far longer than he and his bandmates expected.


Speaking to Time Out, Philippakis was asked how much longer he expects the band to continue and is he can imagine them splitting in the future.

In response, he said: “I don’t think it’ll go on forever. I don’t think it can. I’m not thinking about it right now because we all just get on really well and we’re having a blast. But it’s already been going on far longer than I expected it to.”


Meanwhile, Philippakis praised the increasing diversity in Foals’ audience. “It’s just got a lot broader,” he said. “In the early days, the crowds were very young, very hip. And now there are 65-year olds at the shows. I like the fact that we can write songs that appeal to diferent types of people. I’m not really interested in just writing for the kids that shop at Urban Outfitters.”

Foals arena tour continues throughout February. They will play:

Birmingham, Barclaycard Arena (February 19)
Leeds, First Direct Arena (20)