Foals debut album was ‘flawed’

Band won't be working with Dave Sitek on second album either

FoalsYannis Philippakis has spoken of the band’s desire to make a “lusher” sounding follow-up to 2008’s debut album ‘Antidotes’.

The frontman is a bit down on his group’s debut, and said he was keen to get recording again.

“We don’t feel like ‘Antidotes’ was an insurmountable record by any means,” he told BBC 6Music. “To us it sounds flawed. We just wanna make a different record.”

“I think it will be better because we’re older and we understand a lot more about music,” he continued. “I think it’s gonna have bigger contrasts in it than the first record, and we’ve been messing around with a lot of ambience and echoes and I think we wanna make something that’s a bit lusher.”

Philippakis also confirmed that [a]TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, who produced ‘Antidotes’, won’t be working on the new record.

“I don’t think we really want to repeat working procedures, we don’t really feel like we’ve found the one person to work with,” said Philippakis.