Foals defend decision to leave singles off debut album

Band explain why 'Mathletics' and 'Hummer' won't feature

Foals have defended their decision to leave fan favourites, singles ‘Hummer’ and ‘Mathletics’ off their debut album, ‘Antidotes’, due out in March.

Speaking to NME.COM, the band explained that they didn’t see leaving the hits off as a big issue.

“We didn’t think it was a big deal,” frontman Yannis Philippakis said. “We’d already released those songs, so why release them again?

“We took a lot of care over the way the album was sequenced and we just thought, ‘Fuck it, let’s do the 11 tracks we want to’.

“With a few albums, you’ve already heard a lot of the songs on there. We didn’t want an album where some of the tracks aren’t as good as others.

“If people want to kill us, they should take solace in the fact that there will be a Japanese version of the album with a separate disc of extra tracks including the singles. But hopefully they won’t want to kill us.”

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