Foals reveal album title and tracklisting

Some fan favourites have been left off the album...

Foals have revealed the title and track-listing of their forthcoming debut album, set to be released in March next year.

The album will be entitled ‘Antidotes’, and the band have chosen to leave off previous singles ‘Hummer’ and ‘Mathletics’ from the tracklisting.

The latter was voted the eighth best track of 2007 in the NME‘s tracks of the year poll, voted for by the writers.


The full tracklisting of ‘Antidotes’ will be:

‘The French Open’


‘Red Socks Pugie’

‘Olympic Airways’

‘The Race For Radio Supremacy’



‘Heavy Water’

‘Two Steps, Twice’

‘Big Big Love (Fig. 2)’

‘Like Swimming’