Foals, Holy Fuck and Dananananaykroyd in Birmingham stage invasion

Bands unite for live collaboration

Foals enjoyed a multi-band stage invasion during their show at the Birmingham Academy last night (October 14).

Frontman Yannis Philippakis joked with the crowd as he took the stage, declaring “This is our last tour forever”, before the band launched into opener ‘XXXX’.

However the band’s progress was immediately halted due to a a broken speaker, which saw the band playing a small interlude while roadies fixed it.

Joking about the pause afterwards, Philippakis described the next song, ‘The French Open’, as “Year Zero, this is where it all begins”.

The gig continued with no other technical hitches, with the band ending their set with Philippakis diving into the crowd for closer ‘Electric Bloom’.

Returning for an encore, Philippakis promised the crowd “that we have something very special” as they started playing ‘Two Steps Twice’ before being joined mid-song by the drummers of support acts Holy Fuck and Dananananaykroyd, along with the latter band’s singer Callum Gunn.

All three played a single drum, while Philippakis scaled up onto to the balcony of the first floor, before returning to the stage by running through the top floor to finish the song off.

Foals played:


‘The French Open’

‘Olympic Airways’


‘Heavy Water’




‘Red Sox Pugie’

‘Electric Bloom’

‘Two Steps Twice’

Earlier Glasgow‘s Dananananaykroyd kicked things off with a lively set, that saw drummer John Baillie Junior climbing the speakers before ‘British Knights’.

They were followed by Holy Fuck, who played a set built around tracks from their second album, ‘LP’, which climaxed with ‘Lovely Allen’.

Demonstrating the relationship between them and headliners Foals, the merchandise stand was selling copies of both band’s split 12-inch single, which features Foals covering ‘Super Inuit’ and Holy Fuck tackling ‘Balloons’.

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