Foals guitarist injured at house party gig

Guitarist Jimmy Smith hurt in Cambridge

Foals’ guitarist Jimmy Smith smashed a tooth during a frenetic house party gig in Cambridge on Saturday night (September 30), following their gig at the Soul Tree venue.

The band had arrived at the small terraced house of a fan after their conventional show with around 80 other fans in tow.

The fans managed to cram into the living room and kitchen, with many hanging off the fridge and sofas to get a glimpse of the band.

Foals performed six songs, including ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Hummer’.

Half-way through the set, due to the sheer mass of bodies, Smith smashed his mouth against a hard surface, breaking a tooth.

Afterwards singer Yannis Philippakis realised the extent of the injury, saying, “This is serious, we’ve got to get this sorted – Jimmy’s lost half a tooth”, before taking his bandmate off for emergency dental treatment.

The band continue their UK tour tonight (October 1) in Brighton’s Komedia venue.