Foals joke they were like ‘sweaty teenagers’ when meeting Lana Del Rey

Band met US singer in France and say 'a collaboration would be great'

Foals recall the night they had dinner with Lana Del Rey in their NME cover feature.

NME joined Foals on the road in Colombia for the exclusive cover feature in this week’s magazine (available free in the UK from Friday, October 16), as they begin their campaign for world domination. During the interview, the band talk about a night they spent hanging out with the ‘Honeymoon’ singer in France.

Frontman Yannis Philippakis said: “She [Del Rey] was in Paris, just being Lana Del Rey and ended up coming to dinner via a mutual friend. I got really excited. I’m in awe of her. It’s funny to see someone like that. She’s really nice. I didn’t say anything. I was like a sweaty teenager, wanting to hide under the table.”

Asked what the band spoke to her about, Philippakis said the subject of Foals’ own music came up: “She said some nice things. She said she liked ‘Give It All’, and was just generally a sweetheart. The world is better for Lana Del Rey being here.”

When asked if Foals would collaborate with Lana Del Rey, synth player Edwin Congreave joked that he is not sure she’d be interested. “A collaboration would be great. But to be honest, if the choice was between hanging out on my yacht being Lana and working with some tense guys from Oxford, I’d probably stay on my yacht.”

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