Foals’ Yannis clarifies comments about mental health

Kate Nash and The Vaccines have spoken about the physical and mental toll of touring in recent times

Foals singer Yannis Philippakis has clarified his comments on bands who voice complaints over the mental toll of touring by insisting he was not criticising anyone who suffered from mental health problems.

In an interview with the Line Of Best Fit, the frontman had seemingly criticised musicians who discuss the negative aspect of touring by claiming it is “a blessing to be onstage”. “I’ve read some of those articles,” he said. “They pissed me off. It’s a blessing to be onstage. There’s so many people who would kill to be doing what some of those whingers are doing.”

“You need to understand that if you’re musician and you go out on tour, it takes its toll on you – quite right too,” the singer continued. “I fucking love that we get to go and experience the oblivion of the road.”

NMEPress/Nabil Elderkin

However, Philippakis has now taken to Twitter to clarify his remarks. “I have the upmost sympathy for sufferers of mental illness,” he wrote. “I have experienced it first & second hand the quote has been misaligned a bit.” He went on to say he was “trying to attack the culture of complaining & ignorance around touring NOT people with mental health issues who may/may not be on tour” and finished by stating: “I hope i have made myself clear & people have trust in me to realise i wouldn’t demean / belittle something as close to my heart as MH.”

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Philippakis recently suffered a vocal injury, forcing his band to pull out of a live session performance.

The band had been scheduled to perform a Live Lounge session for Radio 1 on Wednesday (September 2), with the group announcing that were “disappointed” to have to cancel the appearance.

A statement from the band said: “Sadly, after soundchecking this morning, Foals were forced to cancel their Radio 1 Live Lounge session today, because Yannis went down with what we think is laryngitis. He has a doctors appointment this evening.”

“Think i snapped my larynx,” Philippakis wrote on Twitter, before bandmate Jack Bevan added on Instagram, “Unfortunately @ynnsphilippakis sounds like Phil mitchel after a tracheostomy. Sorry to anyone who was listening. Old mate is off to the doctors now. Hopefully we’ll be back in the live lounge again soon. Xxxx”