Foals: ‘We would rather kill off the band than slouch into a comfort zone’

Band release new album 'What Went Down' on August 28

Foals have discussed songwriting and inspiration ahead of their new album release.

‘What Went Down’ is due for release on August 28 and was recorded in the south of France with Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, Mumford & Sons). Speaking to NME recently, frontman Yannis Philippakis described the LP as “lean” and “punchy”.

Now, Philippakis has spoken to The Guardian ahead of the album’s release, saying that he “wanted to explore the extremities, the darkest crevices of my mind” whilst working on the new record. He added that he aimed “to make something better than myself, to lift myself above the daily malaise”

However, the band also spoke about their future, with keyboardist Edwin Congreave saying: “This isn’t going to last for ever. At 20, bands share a youthful energy. At 40, they grow apart.”

Philippakis agreed: “We want to look back and know we made things as powerful and out of control as possible.”

“I distrust contentedness. Though we’re older now, I want people to know we’re not calcified or spent. I would rather kill off the band than slouch into a comfort zone and a paycheck. I want to do something great.”

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Foals will play Village Underground on August 25, three days before the release of new album ‘What Went Down’.

Explaining the reasons they want to play the gig, the band said they “wanted to play a sweaty London gig around the album release. One where we finally get to play some more new songs.”

See the tracklisting for ‘What Went Down’ below.

‘What Went Down’
‘Mountain At My Gates’
‘Birch Tree’
‘Give It All’
‘Snake Oil’
‘Night Swimmers’
‘London Thunder’
‘Lonely Hunter’
‘A Knife In The Ocean’