Foals add 2000 unique Polaroids to new album boxsets

Band added images because they "got bored"

If you’re enough of a Foals fan to indulge in the boxset of new album ‘What Went Down’ when it comes out at the end of August, the Oxford band have thrown in some special surprises.

The act announced via Twitter earlier today that copies of their fourth studio album will contain 2,000 unique Polaroid pictures, which they took because “we got bored”. They also promised “no dick pix.”

The images appear to be individually numbered, and labelled with initials to indicate which member of the band took the picture. They feature images of the band themselves, as well as shots of Foals surroundings.

NMERichard Johnson/NME

Frontman Yannis Philipakkis gave NME the lowdown on the album back in June, describing the James Ford produced effort as their most volatile and intense yet.

“The extremes are further apart than anything we’ve done before,” Philipakkis said. “There are some dirtier tracks, while ‘Give It All’ is up there with the most beautiful things we’ve ever written. We’ve realised we just sound like us, so it’s good to have courage and push ourselves further out, otherwise it will just sound like self-parody.”

‘What Went Down’ is due out on August 28 via Transgressive Records, while singles ‘Mountain At My Gates’ and the title track have already been unveiled. The band are playing a host of festivals in mainland Europe and South America over the coming months.

The 12″ vinyl boxset will also feature a documentary ‘making of’ DVD filmed in France, and artwork prints. It’s being sold exclusively in Foals online store.