Foals share dramatic video for new single ‘What Went Down’ – watch

Band release album of the same name in August

Foals have unveiled a clip for their new single ‘What Went Down’.

The track was premiered on Monday night (June 16) on BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac show. It was also made available to download immediately afterwards. You can now watch its accompanying beneath.

Speaking about the song, which is the title track of the band’s new album and a vitriolic comeback, singer Yannis Philippakis, said: “It is one of the most savage and animalistic songs we’ve ever done. When we play it in a room, it just feels predatory, it feels like we’re on a hunt or something.

“[Producer] James Ford really pushed me to get into a place with the vocal texture where it was just like berserk.” Philippakis added: “Ford really pushed us and we couldn’t be happier. It’s going to be our best album, that’s how we feel at the moment, which is unusual for us to feel that at ease. I think this is the record where a lot of the different sides of the band have come into focus.”

The band will release the album, which was recorded in the South of France, on August 28.

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The tracklisting for ‘What Went Down’ is:

‘What Went Down’
‘Mountain At My Gates’
‘Birch Tree’
‘Give It All’
‘Snake Oil’
‘Night Swimmers’
‘London Thunder’
‘Lonely Hunter’
‘A Knife In The Ocean’

Speaking previously to NME about the record, Philippakis was keen to establish that the band were thinking of their live show while recording the songs. “This new stuff’s going to decimate venues; we’re itching to play it,” he said. “It’s going to be fun to get back on stage and obliterate places.”

The singer also explained the ongoing changes he is working on in regards to his lyrics. “On [2013’s ‘Holy Fire’] I tried to consciously push the lyrics somewhere personal that was more like real life, whereas on this one I just wanted to strip the layers of myself away, have the reptilian part of my brain speak directly and not analyse or censor it,” he said.

He added: “I wanted to tap into my inner madman and feel like I was channelling some sort of fevered creature. I wanted to relish the mania, and what ended up happening – looking back at certain passages in some songs – is pretty intense in a way that I wouldn’t have ever been able to plan.”

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