Foals clarify comments on telling Strokes tour managers to “eat my ass”, manager responds

Frontman Yannis Philippakis explained what happened during their appearance alongside The Strokes at TRNSMT

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has clarified what happened at TRNSMT festival after rumours emerged of a rift with The Strokes following a row with their tour manager – and the manager has now responded.

Both artists were appearing at the festival in Glasgow and at one point, a tweet from Philippakis’ official Twitter account led fans to think that a disagreement had taken place between the two bands.

“Hey one of the 5 unnecessary tour managers of @thestrokes come meet me in catering & eat my ass,” the first tweet from Philippakis’ Twitter account read.


Later, Philippakis replied to a post which said a man at the festival was asked by security to show his pass at the side of the stage “and he refused to show it,” seemingly implying this was Philippakis.

Writing in response, Philippakis clarified what happened saying that the suggestion was “Total crap.”

He went on: “They had a closed stage: invited us up, handed out stage passes. Asked me to show mine, no problem showed it to get on stage to security & tm he then came over & was berating me for not having stuck it on within the minute.”

Replying to another fan who asked “Did any @thestrokes TM’s go and give @YnnsPhilippakis’s scrum the business?”, the Foals frontman joked: “Sadly not, I waited by the salad bar.”


One of The Strokes’ tour managers has since responded to Philippakis’ original tweet. Taking to her Instagram Story, Rylee Elizabeth Kellogg jokingly quipped back at the frontman: “You need to at least buy me dinner first”.

Meanwhile, The Strokes’ performance last night at TRNSMT came under scrutiny from fans after many expressed concerns about Julian Casablancas’ behaviour on stage.

Fans commented on Casablancas’ “worrying” behaviour during their headline set, saying they felt he needed an “intervention” after he appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

One fan said he feared he’d “just witnessed the end of The Strokes” with “Casablancas genuinely looking like he needs help.” The fan added that “the man looked unwell.”

Some fans commented on how Casablancas didn’t hide his “distain” for the audience after he said that he preferred “Barrowlands” and after referring to the audience as the “Glasgow Children’s Choir”. Others also spoke about the poor sound quality of the gig and wondered if that may have been a contributing factor to the performance.

The Strokes declined to comment when NME approached a spokesperson for a response.

Meanwhile, Foals spoke to NME during their time at Mad Cool festival this week – discussing fanboying over Radiohead and Deftones, as well as revealing that Dan Carey has made a dub remix of their latest album ‘Life Is Yours‘.