Foals confirm mystery lyrics are from upcoming single ‘Exits’ following train station treasure hunt

All has been revealed...

Foals have confirmed the lyrics to their upcoming new song ‘Exits’, after they were discovered by fans in envelopes in various European locations.

The Oxford band, who are gearing up to release two albums in 2018, posted the photos on their Twitter account this morning (January 16).

In one, an envelope featuring the band’s logo is seen taped to a ticket station. It’s accompanied by the co-ordinates 51.4700° N, 0.0694° W – which provide a location that appears to be extremely close to Peckham Rye Railway Station.


Another photo shows the same mysterious envelope taped inside what appears to be a glass-panelled elevator. The co-ordinates on this post are 52°22’10.4″N 4°53’31.9″E – and it’s a little further afield this time. A quick Google search reveals that the elevator is located in Amsterdam. Further posts revealed that envelopes were also left in Hamburg.

A post on Reddit later revealed that the envelope contains the lyrics to ‘Exits’, which might just be the first song to emerge from their upcoming fifth album.

Now, it’s looking likely that this will indeed be the lead single – with Foals taking to Twitter to confirm speculation. The group posted the full lyric sheet to their followers, along with the hashtag . Check out the official update below.


On Monday, Foals confirmed that ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1’ will arrive on 8 March 2019. It’ll then be followed by an accompanying second album in the autumn.

The band previously confirmed they were back in the studio at the end of 2017. Speaking to NME ahead of entering the studio, frontman Yannis Philippakis said: “I think the world is obviously affecting the way we feel as individuals.

“I definitely feel that when I’m writing lyrics or music, that it’s in dialogue with what’s going on around me in isolation – so I’m sure there will be things in the lyrics to do with, not just the political climate but also the environmental situation that’s happening now. I think that it will be there.”


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