Fontaines D.C. sponsor Irish football team to support homelessness charity

The band are the new sponsor of Bohemians FC's away shirt

Fontaines D.C. have sponsored a new away kit from Dublin-based football club Bohemians to support a homelessness charity.

The band’s name appears on the front of the new shirt, with 15% of proceeds going to Focus Ireland. You can order it here.

In an interview with the Irish Times, the club’s Chief Operating Officer Dan Lambert said: “The jersey has a real homage to Dublin on it.


“It features the Poolbeg towers, the Grattan Bridge lamps. On the back it has ‘Beware of the risen people’. We took a tracing of that. It’s what Pearse wrote in the cell in Kilmainham… ‘Dublin in the rain is mine’ is on the inside collar, that’s one of [Fontaines DC’s] lyrics.”

Fontaines drummer Tom Coll added: “I wouldn’t have been exposed to many football clubs who had a really progressive community spirit. We were all intrigued by that. We were hanging around with Dan and that led to us going to the matches.

“Bohs are an organisation that really care about the community. Having a Dublin football team having ‘Refugees Welcome’ be the biggest thing on their shirt, that’s amazing. Politically, in Ireland, we don’t like to align ourselves any party or anything like that, because… I don’t know, I feel like they’re all shit man.”

“But having a social conscience, when it comes to setting and the city that you’re in, that’s really important to us. So that’s why we got on so well with Dan and everyone at Bohs because they all think like that and probably to a more intense degree that we do,” he added.

“A football club and music and a band can give people a sense of place and you want to have pride in your place.”


Fontaines D.C. released their second album ‘A Hero’s Death’ last July, which NME called “the record the five-piece had to write in order to make sense of their rapidly changing worlds” in a four-star review.

Watch the band play ‘You Said’ and ‘No’ from the album exclusively for NME Home Sessions above.

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