Foo Fighters fans in UK launch Kickstarter campaign for Birmingham gig

Over £70,000 has already been raised by the group

Foo Fighters fans in Birmingham have begun a Kickstarter campaign to get the band to play a gig in the city.

Following the lead of fans in Richmond, Virginia earlier this month, the people behind the Kickstarter want to bring Dave Grohl and his band to the Midlands for a one-off gig. So far the campaign has over 600 backers with more than £70,000 raised. A pledge of £50 is required to get a ticket to the prospective gig, though smaller pledges will be accepted in support of the project.

A statement published on the Kickstarter page explains that the gig could take place in 2015, following the release of Foo Fighters’ new album ‘Sonic Highways’ and that crowdfunding eradicates the threat of touts taking tickets away from fans.

The statement reads: “We are raising funds to produce a fan funded show within the UK as part of the 2015 tour after the release of Foo Fighters’ album Sonic Highways. The aim is for this to be held in Birmingham UK; the venue could change depending on capacity restrictions but will be clearly communicated to all backers prior to any changes.

“If all tickets are backed, we will raise a minimum of £150,000 which at the current exchange rate equates to $245,000 (subject to change). Every penny of this will be going into the project (minus any transaction fees and handling costs generated by creating the event). Every member of the team running the project will be doing so free of charge – this is a Not For Profit project.”

The group have given themselves a deadline of November 17 to raise the necessary funds.

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