Foo Fighters update fans with more clues on mysterious countdown website

Band will reveal all on November 23

Foo Fighters have given fans more clues as to what their mystery countdown may be about.

The band launched a new website on Thursday which features a clock counting down to a mysterious, unexplained event.

The countdown will end on November 23, leading to fans speculating about a big upcoming announcement. The website also displayed the band’s logo in a crest.

Since the initial reveal, further details have been added to the website with a new background of trees and a suburban street showing alongside atmospheric instrumental music. Foo Fighters fan site Foo Fighters Live have established that the ID tag on the music file reads ‘2nd century AD’ though there is no speculation as to what that might mean.

Some fans have compared the crest to that of the Route 66 sign, suggesting that a second season of Sonic Highways might be coming. Others have opined that it may be the date that Dave Grohl’s leg cast is removed.

See the website for yourself here.

Foo Fighters’ documentary series ‘Sonic Highways’ won two awards at the Emmy Awards earlier this year. The series followed Dave Grohl and his band as they recorded their eighth studio album across eight different cities in America.

Earlier this year Dave Grohl confirmed that there would be a second series of ‘Sonic Highways’.

Speaking to NME, the Foos frontman said the second season “might or might not be international… It might only be in England. It might be in England and other places.”