Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins says MTV VMAs ‘Don’t mean fucking shit’

Drummer hits out at ceremony after it is revealed 30 Seconds To Mars were forced to accept their award off camera

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has said the MTV Video Music Awards “Don’t mean fucking shit.”

Hawkins spoke about the awards in a week which has seen everybody from a teddy bear charity to the inventor of the foam finger line up to criticise Miley Cyrus for her performance. A smaller controversy at the awards came when Jared Leto revealed that his band 30 Seconds To Mars were forced to accept their award for Best Rock Video before the ceremony began live transmission on US TV.

Responding to Leto’s complaints about the snub, Hawkins told TMZ bluntly that “I don’t care, man. Who cares? I mean, those awards are nice, but they don’t fucking mean shit. I make a living playing rock’n’roll. I’m not going to complain about anything.”

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl recently revealed that Hawkins will soon be able to return to making his living playing rock’n’roll as the new Foo Fighters album has been written.

Grohl previously teased that the band’s next album, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Wasting Light’, will “not be a conventional record” and subsequently hinted that the album will be recorded in some kind of groundbreaking way. However, Grohl admitted that the band has yet to start recording the album and suggested that a 2014 release date is likely, adding: “It’s a little way off – it’s not ready to happen right now, but I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question. It’s going to be great, I can’t wait.”

Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance included her using a foam finger to caress both her own crotch and that of Robin Thicke. MTV were also been criticised by America’s Parents Television Council (PTC) for broadcasting Cyrus’ performance as part of the VMAs live show. “MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate ‘twerking’ in a nude-colored bikini,” they said in a statement. “How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds?”

Cyrus, meanwhile, has reportedly been working with Kanye West, with the singer skipping the VMAs afterparty to record a remix of his song ‘Black Skinhead’.