Dave Grohl says Foo Fighters were due to perform at Emmy Awards but ‘they kicked us off’

The band recently picked up two Emmy Awards for their 'Sonic Highways' documentary series

Dave Grohl has said the Foo Fighters were due to perform at the primetime Emmy Award ceremony last night (September 20), but organisers behind the award show “kicked” the band off.

Grohl was caught on camera by TMZ yesterday. Asked why he didn’t attend the award show, which took place in Los Angeles last night, Grohl replied, “You know what, we were supposed to play on the Emmys, and we were gonna play on the Emmys, and then they kicked us off.”

Asked why, Grohl replied, “I can’t tell you. Do your research, but they did.”

Watch the clip below:

Earlier this month, the Foo Fighters picked up two Emmy Awards for their documentary series Sonic Highways. They collected the awards at the Creative Arts ceremony of the 67th Emmy Awards on September 12.

Last night, the primetime Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles. Game Of Thrones won a record-breaking 12 Awards at the annual TV awards ceremony.

Earlier this year Dave Grohl confirmed that there would be a second series of Sonic Highways.

The first season of Sonic Highways originally premiered on HBO (and later BBC Four in the UK) in October 2014. Grohl has already hinted that a second series could take place in England. Expanding on this further, he explained that Britain’s rich musical history would work well for the show.

He said: “The great thing about the idea, the concept of the project, is that it can be anywhere because every city has some sort of musical history, but I don’t know. Of all places in the world England and the UK just seems like it would be shooting fish in a barrel. There’s just so fucking much here.”