Westboro Baptist Church set to picket Foo Fighters’ Kansas live show

The notorious Christian fundamentalists will be out in force outside Dave Grohl and co's show in Kansas City

Foo Fighters‘ live show in Kansas City later this month is set to be picketed by members of the notorious Christian fundamentalist church Westboro Baptist Church.

The church, who have become notorious after they protested the funerals of fallen US soldiers with signs that read “God hates fags” and “Thank God for dead soldiers”, will be out in force outside the band’s show at the Sprint Center on September 16.

According to a statement on the church’s protest schedule, they have opted to picket Dave Grohl and co’s show because:

The entertainment industry is a microcosm of the people in this doomed nation: hard-hearted, hell-bound, and hedonistic. These people have a platform and should be using it to encourage obedience to God; instead they teach every person who will listen all things contrary to him: fornication, adultery, idolatry, fags.

It continues:

The people in this nation have sinned away their day of grace and have so enraged their God that you are seeing new outpourings of his wrath continually. We will be there to remind you that the day of your destruction is upon you, even as you vainly seek comfort in the frivolities of this life.

The church have also picketed the funerals of a number of high profile musicians in recent years, including Michael Jackson and former Black Sabbath singer Ronnie James Dio.

Foo Fighters are currently undertaking a major US tour in support of their seventh studio album ‘Wasting Light’.