Dave Grohl: ‘I can’t not be in the Foo Fighters’

Grohl says side projects have made him want to come back to the band

Dave Grohl has said that playing in a series of side projects has only made his desire to be in the Foo Fighters stronger.

Since founding the band in 1995, Grohl has had lengthy spells in Them Crooked Vultures, Queens Of The Stone Age and Probot as well as guest slots with countless other acts, but says each one has only made him want to be in the Foo Fighters more.

Speaking to Music Week, Grohl said: “I can’t ever let the Foo Fighters go. I can’t not be in this band.”

He added: “Whenever I go to do a side-project it usually re-energises me to come back and do this. Whether it’s doing Vultures or jamming with Paul McCartney, it always makes me want to come back to the Foo Fighters.”

Grohl also said that he believed the band has survived as they’ve never been influenced by any trends within music. “We’ve never been too concerned with much outside of our perfect little world,” he said. “When we close the door and go in and make a record we don’t really think about what’s going on outside of the studio.”

He continued: “When a record comes out and it sounds like the Foo Fighters, it sounds like the Foo Fighters because we shut the door behind us when we went in to record. Over the years we have seen some pretty entertaining genres come and go: skinny ties, nu metal and rap metal and we just seem to stroll through it all unknowingly.”