Foo Fighters’ gay serenade to homophobic Westboro Baptist Church hailed by NME.COM users

Dave Grohl and co get a huge thumbs up for impromptu comedy performance

Foo Fighters fans have hailed the band’s attempts to serenade the Westboro Baptist Church groupwith an ode to gay sex.

NME.COM users have taken to Facebook to cheer Dave Grohl‘s band for singing the specially penned ‘Keep It Clean’, outside Kansas City’s Sprint Centre. Scroll down and click below to watch their comedy video.

“Mr. Grohl lets smart assed tom foolery be the wind beneath his wings…. and that is awesome,” one fan wrote. Kyle Smith agrees. “Without resorting to stooping to their level he has completely blown them out of the water.”

The controversial church group were picketing the Foos show in the city but, ensuring they had the last laugh, Dave Grohl and co surprised the protesters with their comedy song. Donning redneck beards, wigs and trucker hats, Foo Fighters took to the back of a pick-up truck to sing their ode to same-sex loving.

The band were jeered by the fundamentalist Westboro Baptists throughout the performance outside Kansas City’s Sprint Centre, but also cheered by a large number of fans watching. The impromptu gig came after the church group, the subject of a number of Louis Theroux documentaries, announced they were going to picket the band’s show due to their teaching of “fornication, adultery, idolatry and fags”.

NME.COM users ridiculed the movement with one fan writing: “Further proof organised religion is just no good for anything but laughing at.” Another added: “Foos-1 Westboro- -1 (they lose a point for being flat-out assholes).”

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