Dave Grohl downs a beer onstage with fan ‘celebrating 50th birthday’ – watch

Fan was spotting holding a sign that read 'Let’s Have A Beer'

Dave Grohl invited a fan onstage to share a beer as the man attended a Foo Fighters gig on his 50th birthday.

Foo Fighters were playing a show in Clarkston, Michigan on Monday night (August 24) when Grohl spotted the man holding a sign that read “It’s My 50th. Let’s Have A Beer”. Despite the fan – who gave his name as Griffin – looking much younger than 50 years of age, Grohl decided to humour him.

“I know it’s your 50th birthday,” Grohl said. “We’ve got a lot of songs we’ve got to play tonight. I’m gonna share this beer with you, and then I’ve gotta do my job.”


Grohl continued: “Griffin went to Office Depot and bought one piece of cardboard and a magic marker. There you go, that’s all it takes.”

Watch the moment below.

The news follows an incident occurring in Colorado earlier this month when a crying man was brought onto the stage. The man later revealed that his mother had recently died.

Foo Fighters have brought members of the audience onstage to perform on a number of occasions in recent months, including inviting a fan up to cover Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ in Edmonton on August 13.

Last month, the band invited Anthony Bifolchi to play drums on ‘Big Me’ at a gig in Toronto.


In May, Foo Fighters also brought an eight-year-old fan onstage to duet on ‘Times Like These’ at Old Trafford after Grohl spotted him singing the 2002 single.