Foo Fighters secret gig stunt provokes outrage

Radio station forced to apologise to fans after April Fools' Day prank

New Zealand radio station The Rock was forced to issue an apology after an April Fools’ Day prank in which the station announced a bogus secret Foo Fighters gig went wrong.

The station began promoting the bogus gig on air yesterday morning (April 1), which was supposedly set to take place at the intimate Powerstation venue.

The station had planned to play a Foo Fighters album on a stereo when fans arrived, reports

However, since they started making the announcement, the radio station’s office was overwhelmed by inquiries, with many fans suddenly booking time off work and booking flights to attend the false gig.

The radio station subsequently apologised for the stunt, with programme director Brad King saying that there had been “consequences” for those behind the prank at the station’s promotional department.

King said that up to 2000 people could have turned up to the bogus gig, saying that the joke had caused “absolute carnage”.

“This is what happens when fools plan April Fools jokes,” he said.