Foo Fighters discuss new album

They work with Pixies producer

Foo Fighters have been discussing the progress on their new album.

The band are currently working with Pixies producer Gil Norton on the follow up to 2005’s ’In Your Honour’.

Dave Grohl said: “We’ve been in the studio for the past month and a half, and we’ve got about another month to go. We’ve been recording with our friend Gil Norton. He worked on our second record, he’s a good guy and he makes amazing albums.

“So we’re making a really big powerful record, which I’m very excited about and I cannot wait to finish. I’m not saying I’m not having fun., I’m saying I can’t wait to jump on stage and do this stuff, it’s gonna be great.

Grohl said that the album would be a progression on the band’s trademark sound.

He told XFM: “So the album that we’re making sounds like a Foo Fighters album, but it’s definitely moving in a few different directions. It’s cool man, I love it.”

The band are also set to play Live Earth at Wembley Stadium on July 7.

Grohl told XFM: “It’s something that we’re all very interested in, and then when we found out where we were playing, we were even more excited.”