15-year-old Taylor Hawkins shows his drum skills in newly unearthed video – watch

Teen performed Van Halen's 'Panama' at school show

An online video featuring a 15-year-old Taylor Hawkins has surfaced, proving that the Foo Fighters member had an aptitude for drumming from a young age.

As pointed out by Consequence of Sound, the footage was shot in 1987 at Laguna Beach High School’s Battle of the Bands and features the teenage Hawkins and his band performing a rendition of Van Halen’s ‘Panama’.

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Meanwhile, the organiser behind a recent Foo Fighters viral video says he was reduced to tears when the band agreed to play a gig in his hometown of Cesena, Italy. It happened after he had convinced 1,000 fans to cover their song ‘Learn To Fly’ simultaneously.

The video of 1,000 local musicians – drummers, vocalists and guitarists – covering the 1999 Foo Fighters track went viral last week. It had been filmed as part of a fan campaign to get Dave Grohl and his bandmates to play a gig in the local area.

Frontman Dave Grohl later praised the effort, agreeing to play a gig in Cesena as a reward.

NMEDean Chalkley/NME

The man who organised the feat, Fabio Zaffagnini, has told The Guardian that he broke down in tears when he saw the reaction online.

“I started crying like a baby,” Zaffagnini said. “I’m not an emotional person, but so much went into it.”

Recalling the moment he saw Grohl’s response, Zaffagnini added: “I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. When I realised it was him, I started crying again! I don’t cry often, but it’s been very hard to contain the emotions I’ve had.”