Dave Grohl reveals what the band have been up to in the studio…

DAVE GROHL has announced that the FOO FIGHTERS’s new album will be called ‘IN YOUR HONOR’.

Writing on the band’s website [url=] foofighters.com , Grohl explained that the they were currently mixing the album, but recording had been completed.

“We did it. It’s done,” he wrote “’In Your Honor’ will be the bands fifth album. Almost exactly a decade from the release of the first Foo Fighters record, it will come out in June. It is a double album, as promised.”

According to Grohl, one disc of the album will be rock, the other acoustic songs and both feature “a few guests. They may seem strange to you. They don’t seem strange to me. I just love music.” As previously reported these include, Norah Jones, John Paul Jones and Josh Homme.

Describing the record the frontman wrote: “There are subtleties. There are complexities. There are extremities. There are familiarities. There is orchestration. There is simplicity. There is a pile of blown speakers on the floor. There is full bottle of whiskey covered in drywall dust. There is a full bottle of whiskey covered in drywall dust that is about to disappear.”

He also added “Never before have we ever put so much effort into the making of an album.”

Foo Fighters will be playing British festivals this summer including the already sold-out T In The Park, which takes place between July 9-10.