According to Dave Grohl, it's time for the band to "get excited"...

FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL has revealed details of a forthcoming album.

Material for the follow up to 2002’s ‘One By One’ has already been written. “We’ve got a couple of songs,” explained Grohl. “The thing is, we always get excited to make a new record, because it means we’ll go back out on the road and have a good time for a year-and-a-half.”

The band have opted to record the new album in a studio, instead of Grohl’s basement in Virginia, like past albums. “We’re going to make the best balls-out record we’ve ever made, and we’re going to make it in a studio. We’re not used to studios, only basements,” he explained to Billboard.

While Grohl’s side project Probot released their self-titled album last week, bassist Nate Mendel is currently on tour with Fire Theft, while guitarist Chris Shifflet is touring with Jackson United.