Foo Fighters joined by Queen legends

Brian May and Roger Taylor rock Hyde Park

Queen legends Brian May and Roger Taylor joined the Foo Fighters onstage tonight (June 17) for the band’s biggest ever UK show at Hyde Park.

Dave Grohl‘s group teamed up with the pair for a special version of ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ during the encore, with Taylor Hawkins taking up the vocal duties.

The drummer surprised the crowd when he came onstage and chanted the late Queen singer’s famous ‘A-ho’ intro before he announced: “I’m gonna dedicate this song to Freddie Mercury. This one is for you my friend. I know you’re up there. Unfortunately I gotta sing it.”


Roger Taylor then performed the intro to ‘We Will Rock You’ until May and the remaining members of the Foo Fighters joined in for ‘Tie Your Mother Down’.

Up to 85,000 people descended on Hyde Park for the 85 minute show after a busy week for the US four-piece which has seen them perform a slot at the Isle Of Wight, two acoustic shows, and a warm up show in Camden last night (June 16).

Kicking off with ‘In Your Honour’, the band tore through a hit laden set which included the likes of ‘Learn To Fly’, ‘Times Like These’, ‘All My Life’, ‘My Hero’ and ‘Breakout’.

Announcing hit single ‘Best Of You’, Grohl joked: “Fucking Hyde Park, 85,000 people, fucking sold out! Would you like to sing this song with Dave your best friend?”.

The singer, who was dressed in a long black shirt and blue jeans, was on comical form, bantering with the crowd throughout the gig.

“About six months ago somebody said to me, “Do you wanna do Hyde Park next summer?”. I said, “How big is it? It’s pretty fucking big right?”. He said, “It holds 85,000 people but even if 30,000 turn up that is still the biggest gig Foo Fighters have ever done”.


“There is one place that treats our band like royalty and it’s this place”, Grohl shouted to the audience before they burst into chants of ‘Eng-erland, Eng-erland, Eng-erland’.

He then introduced Motorhead singer Lemmy for the track ‘Shake Your Blood’, a song which the metal veteran sings on the Foo Fighters‘ frontman’s side project ‘Probot’.

The band threw in a blistering rendition of ‘Monkey Wrench’ before Grohl strutted across a huge catwalk alone to end the show with the track ‘Everlong’.

Signing off he added: “I’d like to thank you for making this the most unbelievable show of our lives. We will always be there for you guys.”

Support came from Motorhead, Queens Of The Stone Age, Angels And Airwaves and Juliette And The Licks.

The setlist ran:

‘In Your Honour’

‘All My Life’

‘Best Of You’

‘Times Like These’

‘Learn To Fly’


‘The One’

‘Shake Your Blood’

‘Stacked Actors’

‘My Hero’



‘Monkey Wrench’

‘We Will Rock You/Tie Your Mother Down’


Foo Fighters play Lancashire Cricket Ground in Manchester for their last UK date tomorrow (June 18).