The band intend to take the sensitive side of new LP 'In Your Honour' to theatres...

FOO FIGHTERS are planning a theatre tour where they play songs from their acoustic album.

The album, ‘In Your Honour’, out on June 13, features an album of acoustic songs.

Dave Grohl has told NME.COM that the majority of those won’t be played on their forthcoming dates. Instead, he’ll save them for a theatre tour later this year.

He said: “I know that at some point we’ll begin touring for the acoustic record. I’d like to play some little theatres with all our additional musicians. Do it live. I want to keep the acoustic stuff separate from the rock, just like they are on the album. The last thing you want to do it whip out an acoustic ballad and get some keychain in the face.”

This week’s NME, out now, features a track-by-track guide to ‘In Your Honour’.