Dave Grohl: ‘I’m not dead!’

Death rumours circulate online

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has refuted recent internet rumours that he has died in an exclusive interview in this week’s NME.

The star is revealed to be alive and well, and talked eagerly of the band’s future plans, including their forthcoming UK megagig at London’s Hyde Park.

But before that, he was keen to clear up the ghostly rumours surrounding him.


Talking about how he found out about his alleged demise, he explained: “I got a phone message from a friend saying ‘Er I guess… Jordyn [Grohl’s wife]… this is maybe… for you. I’m so sorry to hear what happened’. I heard this message and went ‘What the fuck?’. They were leaving a message on my cell phone saying ‘I’m sorry Dave died’.

“That was weird, but I guess I’ve finally graduated to that status of being an internet rumour. It weirded me out a bit, but it’s stupid. I’m like a cockroach, don’t worry, I’ll be around for a long time.”

Also in the issue is Gnarls Barkley‘s guide on how to be Number One for two months, the story behind Arctic Monkeys’ and their bassist woes, Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson talks about how a stage jump saved his life after being hit by a car, and we review the new album from Primal Scream‘Riot City Blues’.

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