The star has been lending his celebrity muscle to the Democratic candidate's US presidential campaign...

DAVE GROHL has been lending his celebrity muscle to the US Democratic candidate JOHN KERRY’s presidential campaign.

The Foo Fighters frontman – a man of many side projects – added political campaigner to his CV as the movement among musicians to oust George W Bush from the White House gathered pace.

Earlier this month he joined Kerry’s ‘Believe In America’ tour in Milwaukee for the first of a series of appearances, meeting voters and playing impromptu acoustic gigs.

“Can’t say that we get many WWII vets at Foo Fighters shows,” Grohl joked, “but there’s always time! The crowd was great, though, and I think they got what I was trying to say with my song ‘My Hero’.”

Grohl has been an ardent supporter of the Kerry campaign, giving a solo acoustic performance at a rally at LA’s Henry Fonda Theatre alongside Tenacious D and Liz Phair.

The US Presidential election takes place on November 2.