Dave Grohl in trouble after swearing on national radio

Elbow cover provokes four-letter outburst from Foo Fighter…

DAVE GROHL could be in trouble with the censors after uttering naughty word live on UK national radio today (August 23).

The Foo Fighters’ leader was being interviewed during Jo Whiley’s lunchtime show on BBC Radio 1 when he swore, not realising his microphone was live.

Grohl was being played Elbow’s cover of Destiny’s Child’s ’Independent Women Part 1’, which the Manchester band recorded in the past for Whiley’s Live Lounge, triggering the Foo Fighter to ask “What the fuck was that?”.

Whiley quickly apologised, stating, “Swearing is not big or clever,” before jokingly branding Grohl a “foul-mouthed rock star”.

Grohl then did his own cover for the show, playing a version of Oasis’ ’Lyla’.